The workshops at our Sala give us the chance to support and share modalities, from Feng Shui & Feldenkrais to Meditation & Nutrition, with anyone who has an interest in or is seeking healing at any level. This is also an opportunity to learn something new and perhaps transformational that you can implement into your daily life.

RakSa also offers workshops in practices that are unique and not readily available. We are committed to introducing these extraordinary practices to our clients. Our Flying Yoga workshop will have you and your partners flying! While one partner receives the benefits of therapeutic massage and stretching, the other receives a strength-building exercise. Our Feldenkrais® workshop teaches enjoyable movements that allow you to learn new ways of moving, eliminating pain and increase self-awareness.

We are blessed to have our dedicated group of practitioners & instructors offering a diversity of workshops such as Astrology, Ayurveda, Past Life Regression. Our Free Intro to RakSa workshop  is the access to experiencing various modalities of Yoga, Tai Chi and Shamanic Healing. We also bring in sought after practitioners from around the world to lead special workshops.