I offer clients astrological readings based on birth chart and current astrological influences. What differentiates me is: specialist in transits, specialist in midlife transits (those occurring between age 38 and 56), life path analysis, astro coaching. My clients see visible results especially in target areas like their love lives, career choices, marital problems, life path, timing. I help people stay on track with their soul’s purpose, understand their current challenges, and gain hope for resolution of problems.

I started studying astrology at 9 years old, started doing readings for other people at age 19. Extensive life experience in working with people has really been the best training. Have also done some training in related areas such as psychic development, hypnotherapy, and other tools to help people work through blocks. I maintain a widely read astrological blog at I provide free monthly horoscopes, have written a number of articles on astrology, have contributed to the blog, and written horoscopes for other publications. I also provide personalized daily horoscopes for a select number of clients.

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Feldenkrais®, Acupuncture, Bodywork

Lucien Demaris is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner (GCFP) and Change Your Age™ (CYA) teacher, as well as a California Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) with a Master's degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and Chinese Herbology (MTOM). He is also a Nationally Certified Bodyworker (NCTMB) trained in a variety of physical therapies including Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release and Visceral Manipulation. He has been an explorer of human potential through somatic studies and embodiment practices for 20 years. He served as Director of Wellness at RakSa, where he also held his private practice.

Lucien grew up among the indigenous peoples of Ecuador, where he apprenticed in ancient healing practices with traditional healers and shamans (curanderos, yerberos, and sobadores), both with Kichwa Yachags in the Andean highlands and with Shuar Uwishins in the Amazonian jungle. He later moved to Los Angeles to learn from renowned anthropologist and shaman Carlos Castaneda and his associates. While immersed in their teachings, Lucien continued studying other natural healing modalities, and ultimately became immersed in Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais's fascinating and revolutionary perspective on human motion and learning.

Today, Lucien brings to his practice the jewels of all these experiences: self-sensing, conscious touch, and experiential movement for a deeper experience of well-being and humanity. He helps his students and patients regain an intimate connection with themselves by the experience of physical joy and pleasure in their day-to-day movements and activities. Once that is set in our bodies, Lucien believes it is easier to reconnect with our innate ability to direct our own healing and achieve our full potential.

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Phone: 310-367-8156

Ayurvedic Healing

I came to this practice in 2005 mainly because of my love of food and my passion for teaching and celebrating people.

My goal is to synergize Ayurveda's more than 5,000 year old self healing systems with our everyday western lifestyles. By awakening your highest health through living in harmony with the world around you and ESPECIALLY the unique world within you.

Any 'dis-ease' or illness is an occassion to go deeper into yourself and examine where you must make changes in order to heal. The cure is within you and is unique to you.

I offer you a space to explore and awaken a deeper self knowledge through the understanding of your unique constitution; through daily and seasonal practices to keep you in balance and ultimately through a true love of nourishing your mind, body and purpose for a radiant and joyful life.

My first influences in self-healing were my grandmothers and my mom. I studied with John Holmstrom at the American University of Complimentary Medicine. I continue to learn with each of you.

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Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist

I have been a massage therapist for the past 10 years and a licensed acupuncturist for the past two. Born in Chicago, I arrived in Los Angeles twelve years ago, broadening my search for a healing method other than allopathic medicine. When I discovered Oriental Medicine to be very effective in promoting healing, well-being, and prevention, I studied at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Los Angeles for massage modalities, and graduated from Emperor's College in Santa Monica for Oriental Medicine.

Before communism swept over China, Shen – the spirit – was acknowledged in diagnosing and treating patients. For example, if the spirit is sad, Chinese Medicine believes that in time, it will negatively affect the body in one way or another. In approaching my work, I consider the health of the spirit as important or even more so than treating symptoms in the body. I have developed a personal approach to my treatments, combining the different disciplines I have learned, as I tend to embrace the Classical Chinese Medicine by Jeffrey Yuen.

I cultivate my own spiritual growth through ongoing meditation, yoga, and Tai Qi, but meditation is my most important practice as it allows me to connect my most inner Self – the place from where healing energy and intuition spring. When I work with you, if you wish, I will take several minutes to guide you through the basics of meditation to promote calmness and deeper relaxation in your mind and body. I look forward to meeting you!!!

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I became interested in the healing arts many years ago after having several Resonance Repatterning sessions, as well as studying with the Self Realization Fellowship, and obtaining my Reiki Certification. I continue daily meditation to keep me centered and connected, which allows me to provide you with a unique, energizing experience.

Being an Aesthetician for over 10 years, I have learned that Aesthetics is so much more than just healing and perfecting the skin. Healing on all levels comes from within. The more we learn to remain harmonious and joyful from within, the less we will see the signs of aging and disease.

Incorporating Reiki into my facials gives an added benefit on many levels, as ‘Reiki expresses the quality of unconditional love and speeds up the body’s own natural healing process’. Using only the best organic, botanical, and ayurvedic skin care products ensures a pure, revitalizing facial experience.

I also offer hot stone facials using warm, smooth stones to gently massage the face, neck, and shoulders which stimulates circulation and eliminates toxins. Other benefits include firming, toning, and excess fluid removal.

My holistic treatments rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.

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Phone: 310.926.8596

Ayurvedic Healing

As a young child, I remember watching my grandmother place pods of cardamom and fragrant dried clove flowers in her purse before any outing. Curious, I asked her why she did this and she replied that these spices would help her if she were to ever experience any discomfort, be it for indigestion or her old teeth. This was my Ayurveda 101.

A native Los Angeleno, I was raised by two Western physicians in this diverse city. I was also blessed to be surrounded by my South Indian community, and its rich culture, customs, and my mother’s healing, vegetarian cooking. My path to ayurveda arose only after a harrowing experience with the Western medical system’s treatment of a loved one. I was left frustrated, discouraged and seeking alternative methods of healing. As I read about the wisdom of Ayurveda, a distant childhood memory resurfaced and I felt my calling: to learn and share this gift with others.

I completed my studies with the Kerala Ayurveda Academy here in Los Angeles and my Ayurvedic medical residency at Kerala Ayurveda Hospital in Southern India. Here, I witnessed the depth of Ayurveda’s healing capacity on patients with severe “dis-ease”. So simple in its treatment, this 6,000 year old holistic medicine system uses whole foods, organic herbs, and yoga of the mind and body to treat any imbalance the body may experience. Ayurveda heals not just by treating the physical body but by connecting it with the spirit and the mind.

My practice at RakSa constitutes Ayurvedic consultations to determine your Prakruti (constitution), Panchakarma therapies, as well as yoga and meditation therapies. My specific passion is the healing properties of essential oils and their balancing effect on your Prakruti. I create herbal medicated Abhyanga oils and custom blended aromatherapy oils. I invite this community to experience and share the healing wisdom of this ancient medical system.

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Phone: 323.839.0793

Shamanic Healing

In this ancient healing practice, you become the Archeologist of your Soul. By opening up and quieting the mind, the Soul steps into a journey of digging deep to unearth treasured aspects of ourselves, put pieces of our soul fragments back together, to heal, to forgive, to transcend our past, discover the hidden gifts of our healing journey, and connect with the core of who we really are. In my work I emphasize how important it is for my clients to be full participants in their healing journey, because by reconnecting with your Soul you can access the tools for your healing. Together we safely work in Sacred Space to help you let go and heal emotional traumatic stories and wounds of the past, transcend limiting beliefs, and begin the process of weaving the life of your dreams.

I am a Certified Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Healing as taught by The Four Winds Society, which is primarily influenced by the Q'ero Shamans of Peru. Initially, I began energy healing work as a Reiki Master-Teacher and a series of events led me to aligning myself in the path of Indigenous Healing Arts and Wisdom. It is a joy to share this work with others as it has given me Sacred tools for empowerment, grace, and anchoring a greater sense of connection to the Web of Life. In this work we aim to bring healing at the place of Origin where everything begins as Energy, to heal conditions at this Blueprint Level.

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I had always been interested in, but afraid to do hypnosis, even though I had some behavior patterns buried in my subconscious that needed to change. I decided to learn about it first and then see if I wanted to use it. I found it such an empowering, life changing experience, with rapid success in changing and releasing old ideas and beliefs that were holding me back. First hand experience of increased happiness, improved health and the ability to reduce stress and positively direct my potential on all levels, inspired me to become a Hypnotherapy practitioner and share this amazing tool with others.

I specialize in the issues of habit control, sleep issues, anxiety reduction, stress management, pain management, speedy healing, relationship and communication strategies, general self improvement, weight control, fears & phobias, creativity blocks and performance enhancement.

With honor and pleasure I hope to facilitate the opportunity for others to achieve their goals, dreams and life's purpose with ease and joy!

I have certification in: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki Master level 1, Advanced Handwriting Analysis and Therapeutic Guided Imagery. I graduated from the nationally accredited Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Tarzana, California, 2008.

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Phone: 310-437-3944

Certified Reflexologist, Tarot Reader

Tory has always been passionate about the healing arts. She understood at an early age the power of the human touch to heal. Tory became certified in Reflexology from the prestigious American Academy of Reflexology in Los Angeles. AAR specializes in Integrated Reflexology, which is the practice of using specific touch techniques on reflex maps of the feet, hands and outer ears. This course of study has proven an important element in Tory’s desire to deliver overall health. Her years of study combined with her born intuitive sense of healing serve to help those she touches in a manner that blesses both client and practitioner.

Tory has developed an astute skill, honed over twenty years, in the art of Tarot Card reading. Her innate wisdom and ability to profoundly connect to the person for whom she is reading has proven to be invaluable. She bestows her clients with the ability to gain a perspective on their lives that they might not have otherwise seen.

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Phone: 310-729-7026

Certified Reflexologist, Reiki

Keegan Wood became involved in Complementary and Alternative Medicine in order to overcome his own neck and back injury. While living in Ohio, he studied Reiki through an apprenticeship program in Youngstown, Pittsburg, and Cleveland. Keegan co-founded an organization in Cleveland that offered continuing education and training to Reiki practitioners. Following inspiration from practitioners at the Cleveland Clinic, he developed a trigger point technique for the muscular system which led to a pilot study involving Reiki and its effects on athletes. After working at “Being Alive”, a wellness center for HIV-positive individuals, Keegan began another pilot study researching the results of teaching Reiki to people with HIV. After graduating from the American Academy of Reflexology, Keegan began studying the most effective ways of infusing Reflexology and Reiki and has successfully helped clients battling a wide range of conditions from depression to back pain. He is currently orchestrating the ground-breaking program at Kaiser Permanente that brings Reflexology to patients in the hospital. In addition to serving as the Liaison Director on the board of the Reflexologist’s Association of California (RAC), Keegan has represented RAC at the special Nike event honoring athletes and coaches.