Drawing from the experiences, resources, and knowledge of various holistic healing practices and my own journey, I want to provide support for those who are looking to travel their own unique path of healing. I want to empower you to live fully in the present while embracing ancient medicines and tapping into your own innate wisdoms. I am a strong believer that the answers that we are searching for lie within, but we must ask the right questions at the right time. I will do that through our coaching sessions. We are each whole, resourceful, and creative. It is easy to forget that, and I am here to help remind you. The path of healing must begin with ourselves, but we do not have to do it alone. Through wellness coaching, we will tap into those gifts and tools to achieve the wellness goals that you need and desire, whether you are addressing addiction, stress, chronic dis-ease, unhealthy relationships, or simply have the desire to feel good. We will co-create a plan and build your team of allies to take an integrated approach to healing that will address your mind, body and energy. I will help you stay on your chosen path, which may shift and change over time.


During our initial session, we will spend about 90 minutes getting to know you and your goals. We’ll create a plan and begin moving towards that goal together. The plan may include recommendations for holistic healing modalities, movement classes, diet, and other resources that we feel are right for you. In the follow-up sessions (about 60 minutes), we will use different tools (conversation, breath, movement, writing, visualization, nature, and healing) to co-guide you to move towards your goals and tap into your own resources. Each session will be unique and meet you where you are at the present moment.

This is a private 60 minute yoga session that can be a part of your healing plan, or if you just want to take a healing approach for yourself through yoga. This hour long session will focus on your health goals that might include releasing stress, having more focus, and breaking unhealthy habits. We will draw upon the sacred ancient philosophy and asana of yoga and your own body wisdom to guide us through natural movement to achieve a practice that better serves your health.

Please contact me for scheduling, pricing, and a COMPLEMENTARY SAMPLE SESSION.


What I can truly say about me is that I’ve been a life long student of myself. I fully believe that whatever you want to change, whether it’s your thoughts, your habits, your career, your relationship, or the world, begin within. The most intimate relationship you can have since the day you were born is you and your breath. Thus my thirst and desire for understanding and continuing to connect with myself has been a journey from day one.

From my broad range of studies, my passion of movement, and many important teachers along the way, I've collected many gifts. Ultimately all those paths lead me to connect with my most challenging, demanding, and fulfilling teacher, myself. Through my experiences, from the greatest joy to the deepest loss, and the waves in between, I realize that we are all connected. It is easy to become stagnant in our day-to-day doing that distracts us from living. By connecting with our true self, we are capable of reintegrating and deepening those connections. That connection is whole. As your wellness coach, I'll work with you to cultivate the quality of this link through our mind, body, energy and spirit. By doing so, we are led to a more fulfilled and whole life and relationships, where we feel alive and at home.

From this intimate authentic connection with myself is where I can grow my relationship with others, and my relationship with something that is greater than individuals, to the earth, the community, the world, and spirit, where boundaries are broken and anything is possible. During coaching sessions, I work together with each client to get to this place of his or her own greatest authentic potential. To do this I believe we must have the willingness to meet what is here. It is important to understand the past and embrace the future. But in order to do that fully, we need to begin in the present. When we are searching, we are neither here nor there; we are not capable of arriving.

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