We are a community of practical dreamers, committed to awaken your whole being.


RakSa was created to provide a sacred space for healing in the modern world through transformative education, movement awareness, and holistic medicines. We strive to serve with love, to live fully in the present while, maintaining the wisdom of our ancient heritage. With you, we are the weavers, the translators and co-travelers of your healing path.

“Rak,” meaning “Love,” joins “Sa,” “fulfilled wishes.” Together, RakSa means “To Heal.” This is a place for you to live it all.


The health of our community and the health of our environment go hand in hand. We consider you and the environment in all that we do.

Our space was designed using sustainable materials free of harmful chemicals and toxins, including bamboo floors and zero-voc paints. Our lighting and appliances are energy efficient and we use biodegradable materials in our café. As students of life, we welcome any suggestions or ideas on what we can do to improve our environmental practices.

Our doors are open from
7 am – 8 pm, Tuesday – Saturday,
8 am – 6 pm, Sunday


Like her studio, Apinya’s background is a study in diversity. Born in Thailand (she came to the US to attend school at age twelve), she holds degrees in mathematics, civil engineering and creative writing. She is also a long-time Vipassana meditator and Reiki practitioner who received her Yoga teacher training from Yoga Works (while pursuing a MFA in writing). Her mentors include Jeanne Heileman, Annie Carpenter and Birgitte Kristen. “My path has led me to these teachers and healers and to learn about various modalities. They helped me to connect more deeply with my true self, so RakSa was created to share the gems I’ve been blessed with in my life,” says Apinya.