These are classes we've enjoyed and benefited from. They may be suggested as parts of your healing.

Contact each teacher individually for more information.

Vital Energy Flow – Kiyomi An energetic combination of asana, pranayama, chanting and meditation concluding with calming Yin & Restorative Yoga poses. This class will help strengthen and develop your energy, your 'prana' life force, and vitality through yogic modalities of Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin, and Kundalini Yoga.

Akasha – Ling The name 'Akasha' comes from the Sanskrit word kash, meaning 'to radiate, to shine'. It is also the space or silence where in-breath and out-breath merge or 'true heart'. Explore basic yoga postures, breathing technique and meditation in this gentle, healing yoga flow set to classical Indian music.

Mind/Body Balance Flow – Virginia A mindful invigorating practice sequenced for all levels of Hatha yoga. The word 'Bala' is a Sanskrit word meaning strength. Therefore, in bala-nce flow, class is sequenced for strengthening asana to create balance for the body/mind/spirit.

Iyengar Yoga- Integrating Body, Mind & Spirit – Jeff A system of Hatha Yoga postures which stresses precise movements and actions with correct alignment. This increases flexibility and strengthens the body. The use of props makes the poses accessible to any type of body. Sequencing and timing address physical, physiological and psychological needs.

Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga – Virginia A practice to relax the body and mind deeply. For all levels of yoga practice. A sequence designed to gently relax the body by using Yin stretching and the use of supports with bolsters, blocks and blankets to aid body in restorative asana.

Core Awakening – Ling Learn to move with freedom and fluidity by developing core strength and stability through specific movements, postures and sequences that are more focused on core-generated alignment. Activating the core within the yoga practice is most effective for sparking major changes both inside and out. Increase the awareness of the connection to your core through this strong and spirited practice.

Hatha Blend - Exploring the sun and moon practice – Maria HATHA BLEND incorporates a fusion of asanas (physical postures), breath awareness, meditation techniques and relaxing restorative poses to create balance in the body, mind and spirit. All levels are welcome. Students can expect not only to develop more strength, flexibility, focus and body awareness, but also a deep sense of peace, calm and well being.

Restorative – Jillian Move at a gentle, soothing pace designed to encourage an inward focus. An excellent class for those who want to move more slowly for stretching, but still experience the healing aspect of asana. Restorative postures and yoga props combine to allow and bring calming to the heart, body and mind.

The Eight Limbs of Yoga – Michael The focus of this class is an intense flow followed by deep stretching. But there is so much more to yoga than the physical practice. We will also take time to touch on philosophy, breath control, and techniques of meditation. Do you want to know more about the Eight Limbs of Yoga: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Praayama, Pratyahara, , Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi? We will attempt to crack open the doors and expose all of these aspects of yoga, offering interested students the gateway to a lifetime of learning and exploration.

Rise & Shine Morning Sadhana – Virginia A practice sequenced to awaken the body and mind. A Hatha yoga sequence for all levels of yoga practitioners. Class is sequenced for a slow and easy warm up, including Pranayama (breathing exercises) and closing with a beautiful 5 minute guided meditation. Perfect way to start your weekend!

Yogis’ Journey – Sharon This class explores the brilliance of our outer form while awakening the life force that nourishes deep tissue layers and inner presence. Yogis’ journey class emphasizes the internal practice of hatha yoga: the dynamic interplay of focused action and receptive awareness supported by the breath. All levels are welcome. The instructor takes great care to support individualized yoga practices and encourages students to pay close attention to what is right for them, balancing effort and ease while enjoying the journey.

Strength & Agility Training with Taichi – Edward “Strength, agility and coordination are proportional to awareness” Did you know that Taichi can dramatically improve your strength, agility and flexibility in ways that remain largely untouched by the fitness world? Even high-level athletes and martial artists can benefit—though you definitely don’t need to fall into either category to participate. Come check out Edward Yu’s highly innovative approach to teaching and discover for yourself why Taichi can be so much more than just people moving in slow motion.

Change Your Age™ – Lucien The more you move, the better off you are. But there is a dilemma. What if you have been exercising but you are hurting or feel stiff and have to work the kinks everyday? What if the kind of movements you're doing will become more difficult as you age? Movements habits such as how we hold tension in our necks or lower back, how inefficiently we breathe, how we pick up a grocery bag, or even how we run or do yoga can contribute to the aging process dramatically. In this Feldenkrais® classes, you will learn fun movement exercises that will teach you how to improve your body awareness and how to harness that awareness as a tool to transform your functional age by 10 or 15 years! You will feel younger, more graceful, more flexible, more coordinated, and more at ease.

Movement Nature Meant – Lucien In these Feldenkrais® classes you will learn with your entire being the premise that becoming more aware of one's movements, exerting less effort, and moving in more natural and organic ways, can relieve stress, reduce pain, enhance agility and performance, while making life more enjoyable. These lessons are helpful and interesting for people at all levels of ability including those who are extremely active and healthy and those with serious injuries. These classes focus on function rather than form and do not have a goal of attaining an ideal body type or physical construction, or achieving "correct" positions or postures. The intention is to improve the sensibility, awareness and quality of movement through one's own body feedback through diverse, ingenious movement experiments.

Art of Slowing Down for Runners & Triathletes – Edward “Running can involve the grey matter between your ears” ASD for Runners and Triathletes is designed to improve your biomechanical efficiency, or in other words, your power, speed and endurance. In doing so, this groundbreaking and highly innovative approach to running examines why conventional methods largely fall short of allowing you to reach your potential.

Authentic Movement – David A movement form that is like an arrow towards the interior landscape. A dancer moves with the special presence of the witness. Personal imagery, sensation, emotion and the unknown come to consciousness with movement as the source. The experience of this process is useful to the artist as seminal material, and to anyone committed to their own personal evolution.

The purpose of this class is to introduce participants to the form of Authentic Movement and how it can be used for personal reflection and creative process. You will have the opportunity to examine the dynamics of moving, witnessing, imagining, and remembering.

The deep and wild exploration of Authentic Movement happens in the midst of a practice, as it is a form related to meditation. In this practice we learn that with the support of a witness we can explore our unknown selves, and that intention and context help us make meaning from experience.